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Two Functioning Adults are Now Running for President!

Pandemic fireworks are different.

It’s not clear yet whether he’s serious about this–or, if he is, he’s not just doing it to ensure a Trump victory over Biden (remember his White House visit?)–but already he’s received a full endorsement from Elon Musk:

And at least a partial endorsement from Mark Cuban:

Can you blame them? Late last year I bought this sticker from Amazon and put it on my car, after having seen it on another car while out driving:


It’s embarrassing that, according to the political establishment in our country, the best candidates our country has to offer are Donald Trump and Joe Biden. If these two don’t manage to use the Coronavirus as an excuse to skip the debates this year, can you imagine the level of cringe there will be? (While some of Trump’s prepared speeches are quite good, those are written for him. Off-the-cuff he’s just a little better than Biden.)

So, welcome, Kanye! At least you realize the importance of philosophy, enough to try to write a book about it. On Twitter.

You know, I might even vote for you over those other two. That is, if Jo Jorgensen drops out. Not only is she a functioning adult, she offers a reasonable, coherent set of positions on the issues. What a concept!

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“Do Tax Cuts By Whim Smell As Sweet?”

Today’s News Sandwich, “Do Tax Cuts By Whim Smell As Sweet?” is available on YouTube here:

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News Sandwich: Trump and the Judiciary (Video)

News Sandwich returns–in video format! Let me know what you think πŸ™‚

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