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A Chris Christie News Sandwich

I think Chris Christie would make a terrible president due to his statist policies. If you’re like me, you’ll be glad to hear that what was once a local scandal (some call it “Bridgegate”) is now getting nationwide press, due to some damning evidence coming to light. The Wall Street Journal reports that it has reviewed documents showing that a top aide of Christie “told an executive at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey it was ‘time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee’ before the authority closed lanes onto the George Washington Bridge in September, triggering a week of massive traffic jams….” The traffic jams were apparently created in retaliation against Fort Lee’s mayor, who refused to support Christie in the last election.

If he’s doing this as governor, imagine what he might do as president.

I find news coverage of the scandal particularly satisfying this week, because Christie is touting his “Dream Act,” which he signed into law yesterday. The act, in part, grants in-state college tuition to illegal immigrants who have attended high school in-state for at least three years. In other words, the act forces NJ taxpayers—who already face one of the highest tax bills in the country—to subsidize the education of illegal immigrants.

I support a policy of open immigration, but I abhor anything that increases the rate at which our government steals from us and that, simultaneously, encourages illegal immigration by handing out goodies. The fact that Christie is being seriously considered as the presidential nominee of the Republican party, the party that’s supposed to stand for free markets and limited government, is truly revulsifying.

The only other “good” news story I could find about Christie this morning: this story from nj.com, which notes that national media outlets apparently feel comfortable taking “swats” at Christie. USA today made a crack about his weight, publishing among other faux New-Year Resolutions, a Christie resolution to “watch what I eat.” The New Yorker (does that qualify as national media? maybe if you live in New Jersey?) published a cartoon about “Bridgegate”.

That’s not enough good news, so how about something completely different. Apple is taking a stand in self-defense again, against court-appointed thug, um, I mean, anti-trust compliance monitor, Michael Bromwich. Apple has asked for his removal, citing evidence of personal bias against the company. (HT for this story: @seven2521 and @Liquid_Engineer on Twitter.) For more on Bromwich’s abuse of Apple, see this News Sandwich from last month.

I wish Apple the best in its efforts to defend itself against our unjust government and its accomplices.



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